National TV AD Cambridge Life Solutions
Cambridge Life Solutions
FightXchange Superchannel TV show
Friends of the Earth Five Man Electorc Band Music Video
"5MEB 'Signs' 4 Change"
Great positioning and value tells a memorable story

1998 HMV Banner Campaign; Spice Girls Online Banner

Link to Iceberg Vodka Television Content=
Iceberg Vodka
Video B
Martin Streak Backstage
Video D
Vast corporate, internet, graphic design and video production experience

1998 HMV Banner Campaign; Beastie Boys EMI Music Canada Grande Royale Online Banner

Link to Peel Public Health Videos
Peel Public Health
Link to Weber BBQ's Videos
Weber BBQ's

Ginos Pizza
Talk to Andrew about how the media works today

1998 HMV Banner Campaign; Snoop Dog EMI Music Canada Online Banner

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