ManUp Canada!
SUNTV, 65 Episodes

Season 1 Episode 13
ManUp! Canada is a reality-based game show where men stop at nothing to compete with each other in various physical and mind challenges. What guy can resist making a public spectacle of himself?
     Join host Humble Howard Glassman as he pushes the contestants to the brink of tears and the limits of physical abilities. Okay, maybe that was dramatic but you will get to see contestants show their prowess in furniture building and lard sculpture, plunger racing and fashion, or food preparation and artistry.
     ManUp! Canada is part trivia for guys, part Japanese-style game-show and part (our favourite part) random hot girls. What a combo!
     Ran Ad Nauseum up to 4 times a day on 'Cave TV/MenTV'; SUNTV's specialty television channel.

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